Answers to some common questions


Our tour prices exclude transportation, unless specified in the tour description.

Child Friendly

The tours are suitable for children 4 yrs and older. The narrow, uneven and cobbled streets and sidewalks of Cape Town are not very suitable for strollers or toddlers walking unassisted.


We will provide detailed information on how to reach the meeting points for the tours at the time of booking.


South Africa has a stringent halaal certification process and all the food is halaal or halaal friendly.


Regrettably due to the terrain and lack of public amenities on the walking tours, they are not wheelchair friendly.

Dietary restrictions & Allergies

We will try to accommodate Dietary restrictions and allergies as far as possible.


How safe is Cape Town?

Cape Town City center is relatively safe and the high reported crime rates are usually restricted to the townships and informal settlements. There is visible policing in the city center and you can approach any law enforcement officer for assistance. 

Will you pick me up from my hotel?

Our tour prices for the walking food tours does not include transportation to or from the food tour. Tour participants are responsible for arriving at the pre-arranged meeting spots on their own. After the end of the tour our Travel Ambassadors may assist you to book an authorised taxi or Uber back to your hotel.

Our tour prices for the cultural sightseeing tours outside the Cape Town city center includes transportation to and from the Cape Town City centre.

What do I need to know beforehand?

Cape Town’s early morning rush hour traffic is notoriously chaotic. If you are staying outside of the Cape Town City center, ensure that you take this into account to reach the meeting point for the tour at least 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the tour.  

The Old Biscuit Mill
V&A Waterfront seaside
Camps Bay Main Road

Trip Preparation

Do I need to make a food tour booking in advance?

To ensure that you are able to secure the desired date and time for your cultural food tour, advance booking is required. We do not accept walk-in tour participants. 

All cultural and food tours are open for booking to the public and accommodate 1-8 people. Please contact us at for more information about Private tours.


What should I bring on the trip?

Bring a bottle of water or buy one from one of the vendors around the meeting point. 

We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes to prevent blisters or difficulty during the tour. 

The Cape Town Central food walk is probably the most physically demanding walk as there are some inclines in the Bo Kaap area.

Cape Town is known for it’s occasional rain showers, so bring an umbrella for a walking tour if rain has been forecast.

What do I need to know beforehand?

The sun can be very harsh in Cape Town throughout the year and wearing sunblock and a sunhat is highly recommended. 




Dietary restrictions and Allergies

Is the food offered on the walks Halaal?

No alcohol, pork or non-halaal foods are consumed on the tours. All tours are Muslim friendly and suitable for omnivores. Where halaal options are not available, vegetarian or vegan options will be substituted. 

Our food tours do not include any alcoholic beverages, and any that is consumed will be a personal expense of the relevant tour participant. 

Are the food tours suitable for people with dietary restrictions and allergies?

Every effort will be made to accommodate participants with food allergies, if this is indicated at the time of booking or at least 72 hours before the scheduled start of the tour.

However, all walks include stops that serve food prepared in kitchens using nuts, wheat and other allergens. Please email us at to discuss your situation before booking.

Every effort will be made to accommodate vegans, vegeterians and pescetarians, if this is indicated at the time of booking or at least 72 hours before the scheduled start of the tour.    

You are welcome to join us though we are unable to accommodate strict vegan and gluten free diets.

What do I need to know beforehand?

Come with an appetite because Capetonians are well known for generous hospitality.


Are the food tours offered during Ramadhan?

All our food tours are offered during Ramadhan for non-fasting visitors to the city. 

Are there any Ramadhan iftars scheduled?

We will try to accommodate any fasting guests who wish to experience a Ramadhan iftar in a local Cape Malay home in Cape Town.

Wudhu and Salat facilities are available. 

What do I need to know beforehand?

Come with an appetite because Capetonians are well known for generous hospitality.

Payment Policies


After selecting the available cultural or food tour with the preferred date and time, you are required to pay by credit card. 

Payments are made in full at the time of booking. Cash payments will not be accepted on the day of the tour.

The final payment will be charged in the local or original currency shown. The exchange rate used by your bank may vary.


All tour sales are final and non-refundable.

Our scheduled food tours take place during all seasons and regardless of weather conditions.

Should we experience severe weather conditions or events that make it unsafe for a tour to proceed, it may lead to a change in the itinerary, and partial or full cancellation of the tour. In this case we will provide an appropriate refund for the circumstances and duration of the tour completed.


Any tour can be rescheduled up to 7 days before the date of the tour provided there is a space available on scheduled tours of the same category and price.

If no space is available for the new dates, please refer to the Cancellation policy. 

Should you wish to reschedule to a private tour, we will make every effort to accommodate your request and you will be charged the difference in tour prices when the booking is confirmed.


You are not required to pay a gratuity to any of our vendors.
If you had a fabulous experience then you are welcome to provide a gratuity to your Tour guide, although this is by no means obligatory. The standard tip in the service industry is 15-20%.

An Important Note About Photography

Cape Town is a beautiful city with much natural beauty. However, you are requested to refrain from photographing passersby or people on the street without obtaining their permission first.
You are welcome to photograph the food and sights during the walk – but please be respectful of the privacy of other participants and remember that this is meant to be a group activity, not a dedicated photo shoot.

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